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Modern Alpha Plastics
E-Z Reach Smoke Alarm

Modern Alpha Plastics, Inc. is a custom injection molding company with manufacturing facilities and offices located at 7200 NE Birmingham Road, Kansas City, Missouri 64161.  The current company was established in 1996 by merging two independent companies, Modern Plastics Molding, Inc. from Independence, Missouri (purchased in 1989) and Alpha Plastics, Inc. from Kansas City, Missouri (purchased in 1991).  At the time of their merger, these two independent companies had been in continuous business operation for 31 and 27 years respectively with combined annual sales of approximately $7 million and had been responsible for providing outstanding custom injection molding. Our company continues to provide this level of excellence and is recognized in its markets for high quality standards and its ability to manufacture and assemble the difficult dimensional plastic parts that are required to meet our customer's specifications.

Modern Alpha Plastics, Inc. is a certified minority owned business and 100% owned by Mr. Gross, has worked tirelessly over the past two decades to establish and nurture strong business alliance with our customers and vendors.  Our dedicated management team possesses considerable expertise in the fields of mold making of plastic parts and components.  Our customers are supported and advised throughout the entire process of product development from concept to finished part.  As a full-service supplier, we utilize the latest technology including 3D CAD software to assist our customers with product design and development.  We also provide services such as rapid prototyping (SLA and SLS) and Moldflow Analysis to facilitate mold fabrication and material selection.  Our precision production can accommodate long or short run production cycles to meet our customers’ individual needs as well as packaging and just-in-time delivery.

The company has expanded from the medical, aviation and governmental markets in 1965 and 1969 to include automotive (OEM), industrial, consumer and recreational (toys & sporting goods). Currently our customer base is comprise of over 80 companies, including Fortune 500 companies.


The future, as well as the immediate horizon looks very bright for the company, partly because it has been designated as "The Manufacturer" of several new products.  The newest product is the E-Z Reach Smoke Alarm.  This exciting new product allows the battery to be changed safely from the floor.  No need to get up on a ladder or step stool and risk injury from falling.  Another new product is the Ladder Pal.  The Ladder Pal is the ultimate tool & supply organizer.  It is designed to work with step and extension ladders and securely holds everything you need to complete any home improvement project or everyday maintenance tasks.   Also, we have an exciting new product called the Summer Sled.  The Summer Sled is designed to be used on grassy hills and to provide an opposite-season alternative to snow sledding with the potential of becoming a new source of entertainment and a household product (e.g., Bikes, Skateboards, Roller Blades, Snow Sleds, Scooters, etc.).